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Amazon's publishing arm, Amazon Publishing Company, was established decade ago and has since grown substantially. We have a team of award-winning book writers, publishers, and marketers who turn ideas into best-selling books. We are known for creating groundbreaking new voices in writing and for publishing books that have shaped the way we live.


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Changing The Way People Think About Books

Amazon Publishing Company is the largest and fastest-growing publisher in the world. The company has changed what people think of books. In the last few years, Amazon Publishing Company has grown from being a small group of people to being one of the world's most important publishing houses. With our help, many writers who would not have been able to get published otherwise are able to get their work out there on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Providing Perfect Solutions To Clients Worldwide

We provide a wide range of services for authors, including book writing, editing, proofreading, publishing, cover design and marketing.

Writing for Boundless Genres

Our expert writers enjoy writing for every genre, since Amazon Publishing Company is driven by the brainpower of well-educated professionals who specialize in diverse fields of study.

Brainstorming to reach excellence

We are an agent of change with a focus on excellence. We are an innovative, customer-centric company that strives to make every book we publish the best book it can be.

Affordable Packages

We provide affordable packages to our clients, and offer additional deals and discounts so they can become published authors without breaking their banks.

One-Stop Solution

We are one-stop solution for authors looking to self-publish their books. We offer a variety of services to help authors get their work published and on the market.

Complete Ownership

The best part about our services is that we don’t take any credit for your work, nor do we claim any royalties.

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We have successfully completed many projects of varying scope and magnitudes.our clients range from working professionals,and industry experts to small and large scale corporations.Below are a few books that we have written and published for our clients:

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Frequently Asked Question

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The printing cost of the book depends on the following factors.
Page quality
Content color
Number of pages
Binding type
Number of copies ordered

What will be the author’s share when books will be sold?

Yes, the author has holds 100% film rights for her/his work. But you must notify us the detailed good news to spread socially. That is it. No commission.

The author will hold the copyrights in all cases.

In approximately 7 to 14 days, from the time we have the computer typed manuscript, your written (or email) approval for print and the verified payment with us. However, some of the distribution channels may take longer time, but the book will be available in our store within time, with guarantee.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s connect and help you achieve your vision for your book.

Amazon Publishing Company is a trailblazer in the world of self-publishing. We help facilitate the self-publishing and marketing process on behalf of independent authors and help them sell their books as e-books, audiobooks, hardcover and paperback books worldwide.


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